Many people with disabilities rely on critical health care services delivered in their home. Oftentimes these health care services are the only factor preventing them from having to live in an institution, away from their family and community. Tragically, many individuals and families struggle to obtain these life-sustaining services for themselves or children with disabilities. HLA represents numerous adults and families with children with significant disabilities who’ve been denied access to in-home health services.

Some types of needed in-home health services are provided to people with disabilities by nurses, home health aides or personal care attendants. HLA’s Protecting the Health of People with Disabilities project fights back against the obstacles that prevent individuals from receiving these health services. We are particularly concerned with making sure that those enrolled in our state’s Medicaid program, MassHealth, have insurance coverage and access to in-home health care providers. In addition to providing legal representation to adults and children unable to access in-home health services, HLA aggressively advocates for policies that will make these services easier to access.

HLA’s Protecting the Health Children with Disabilities project is generously supported by grants from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation and the Nord Family Foundation.